Friday, 2 August 2013

REVIEW: Soap & Glory - Heel Genius

[I posted this on my old blog just as I stopped blogging on that blog, so I thought I'd transition it to this one!]

Now that it's summer (okay, at the moment in the UK it's raining...we had our summer last week...) you'll find you're getting your feet out more! That means that you need to keep on top of your toenails and making sure that you're feet aren't dry and cracked. 

To save you time looking the shelves for something that'll moisturise your feet, I've found you something - Soap & Glory - Heel Genius. 

I bought this from Boots and it cost £5.50 which is about the standard Soap and Glory kind of price range. Similar to The Scrub of Your Life, also by Soap and Glory - which I reviewed here, it's not a product I'd use everyday, so I feel that it lasts me longer!

It's quite thick and moisturising, and some people have commented that they're not fans of the smell - but I think it smells fine, not an 'it'll do' kind of fine, a standard foot cream smell..I guess. Now, the problem with this product is that you have to apply it to your feet and then you put on socks - now, I for one, don't like to wear socks in bed at I have tried and tried different ways to get away with not doing this, but sadly it doesn't have the same effect. However, take off your socks in the morning and your feet are nice and soft!

I've also tried it in the morning, I put the cream on and then put my socks on and sat around for a bit - anything to try and get away with not wearing socks at night! Sadly, it doesn't work as well, so looks like I'll have to put up with socks at night if I want nice soft feet!

I'd recommend you give this a try, or if you have tried anything else that's similar then let me know in a comment below! :)

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