Saturday, 10 August 2013

La Senza Secret Discount?

I find it difficult to find bras, most of the time they're not in my size, either that or they look incredibly tacky and awful! So whilst I was on the hunt for a strapless bra that I needed last weekend, I thought it would be impossible!
la senza logo
All of the ones I could find were £30 and I mean, that's pretty steep...I'm a student and for me that's what I have to live off for a week....luckily I'm at home for the summer so I had a little saved up! So whilst scanning the shelves and drawers I found a nice white one for £20.

I actually found one in my size....or at least I thought I did and I went to go and try it on. The assistant at the changing room said that she can check it fits for me and I'll get £10 off....I was a bit confused, as you would be! So I tried the bra on, she came in and asked me what size I normally wear. I responded '32D' to which she looked at me and said 'so why are you wearing a 32DD' - I was in such a rush to grab one in what I thought was my size I picked up one bigger...yet it was a perfect fit. She did a few checks and said it fitted perfectly and handed me a voucher for £10 off anything full price in store.

So, I got a bra for a tenner and I love it! Bargain! I don't know if this is a nationwide thing or what, but if you're ever in La Senza soon....make sure you try it on!

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