Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Exercise: Plan for the Month

I'm hoping to get fitter now that I've got some time off uni! Hopefully, I should be a lot fitter for when I start back in September and I lose the pounds that I put on since first year!

The current plan for my exercise is not my own, it's from the fabulous Cassey at Blogilates! If you've not heard of her, you definitely should! She films videos on YouTube which you can follow along to at home and she explains everything so well and she puts a lot of personality into her videos!

I'm currently on day two of her 'POP Pilates for Beginners' - I've never done pilates before and it's actually really fun! Today's workout absolutely killed me, which I tweeted about earlier! I can't wait until tomorrow and hopefully I'll see some progress by the end of the month!

The POP Pilates for Beginners is a great exercise plan, you exercise 6 times a week, but it's not for a long period of time and the time flies! She targets 3 different areas - abs, total body and lower body, which is alternated throughout the week!

~ What do you do for exercise at the moment? Leave a comment below :)

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