Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My first Filofax: Personal Original - Patent Black

I've been in awe for Filofax's for so long! I've been searching for the web, looking at all sorts of filofax's and watching videos of them personalised. I finally now have one.

This is my personal size Filofax from the 2013 original line in patent black. It's gorgeous! I bought this in-store, which was quite tricky to find the original line where I live, but The Pen Shop in Debenhams had a larger selection than a very large WHSmith! It cost me £60 and was a birthday treat to myself!

It was quite hard to photograph, and my camera was very mischievous today and refused to take many good photos and they made the Filofax look a brown. But I can assure you it's a very black black which is super shiny!

These Filofax's were produced in the UK and from what I have heard, they are using the same leather as the British company - The UK Satchel Company.

It has 4 rings and comes with a lovely flyleaf to preserve your pages against the cover.

Here's a glimpse of the pages, they are the standard cotton cream week on two pages (WO2P) and included was from July 2013 - December 2014.

I can't wait to start using it, though I'm scared to christen it and mark the pages! I've ordered some more pages and some colourful pens so I can colour code everything! :D

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