Tuesday, 20 August 2013

SWATCH: Avon Nailwear Pro + in Caliente Couture

I'm sorry I've not posted in a while, but I do have a reason....I now have a job! Yay! I had my interview the other day and I had to catch the train there and as I didn't take my laptop, I couldn't blog :( I'm so happy I've got a job though, I start work on the 31st of this month - the day AFTER my birthday!

Anyway, the last post I did a mini Avon haul and I thought I'd show you a swatch of the nail polish and what it looks like! 

The colour is a bright purple from the Nailwear Pro + collection. It has a gloss finish and it's opaque within one coat - however, I always apply two!

I have to apologise for the absolute state of my nails, I didn't think they looked that bad, but the camera seems to have picked out the flaws! My cuticles are a mess and my hands have been dry for the past week or so, so I'll have to make sure they're in a better state for the next nail post!

As you can see the colour is pretty opaque and matches the actual colour within a coat or two. It lasts FOREVER! Normally my nails are great for a day and then they're chipping and looking a mess within a few days, this lasted well over a week in quite a good condition. It was also mixed with the Avon base coat that I got in my mini-Avon haul in my last post!

~ What do you think? Do you own any purple polishes, if so, what's your favourite?

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